Requirements for the contest...
1. Must be a minimum of 3 tricks in a line for a maximum of 45 seconds in length.
2. Must be one run.
3. Winners of all divisions will be announced after the video poll is closed, and prizes will be presented (or mailed)
4. You will be the judge in the video contest.
5.  Please pay online in advance, if possible.  This will help streamline the process day of.

Unitedrsc's Maryland Skate League Video Contest '17:

Shrimptown sessions


Yes you read correctly, a video contest!  There will be at least two different divisions in the contest, sponsored, and non-sponsored.  Depending on number of entries, we may split up age brackets for non-sponsored division. 

We will have an experienced filmer at the south branch skate park to film your min 3 trick, max 45 second run on august 19th in the afternoon.  the best of 3 runs will be posted for the online video poll.  Winners will be presented (or mailed) prizes after results from the video poll come in.  

bragging rights along with cash prizes for sponsored division, and merchandise from our sponsors for non-sponsored division. 

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